Thursday, 7 January 2010

Welly photocall

As promised (to Anji anyway), here are some shots of my new wellies. Also one of the pairs of socks to wear inside them. And that's me doing the modelling. Socks and wellies performed very well in deep snow (not to mention slush, ice and mud) on a walk with M--- yesterday, and the bottom shot shows how the hen-covered rubber boots emerged unscathed and ready for more. Judging by the unrelentingly bad weather, they will get their opportunity.

I bought socks and boots at a shop called 39 West Side in Shaftesbury not long before Christmas. Socks by Snuggly Warm. Boots by Joules. Well-timed purchases, I'd say!


  1. Y'know I was thinking about wellies myself today. "His" Hunters, nice though they are, don't cut it :~

  2. Lucy, those are adorable. We have absolutely nothing like that around here and I have no idea why not. We do not get a lot of snow in my part of the country (60% chance of snow showers tonight, little to no accumulation, not even the dignity of calling them flurries) but we have a lot of really wet, nasty weather where they would just work so well.

  3. Thanks for showing them off. Long warm socks will have to go on my list now too. The boots are lovely, I'm inspired.


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