Sunday, 3 January 2010

WANTED! $10,000 Reward!

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? Wanted by the FBI for odious crimes too awful to mention. Distinguishing features include a curious anatomy and a strange high-pitched voice. She is dangerous. If seen do not approach. Just phone the police.

Of course I jest. Really. My little sense of humour, don't you know. This is actually the photo I chose out seventy-odd that I took on New Years Day with the Nikon D700 on Ye Olde Trustye Tripod when there was actually enough good natural morning light to make it worthwhile. It's for my driving licence and passport applications.

I know it's not very glam, but you're not supposed to doll yourself up too much for this kind of shot, or smile, or wink, or have hair falling seductively across your face. So that's the plain me, with just a touch of lip gloss, and perhaps the suggestion of a very good mood.


  1. Passport photos have to have a neutral expression. You're looking far too happy, Lucy! LOL

  2. They let people like us have passports? ;)-

  3. Oh, I usually look happy nowadays, unlike the Old Grouch I used to be!

    Jess, don't tell me you haven't got a passport showing your true self?

    Actually, getting a passport is going to be a bit of a task. I have to see my old GP who retired in July - he's the only person of standing that I can approach who has known me for long enough. I fear he may be taking his winter holiday just now.


  4. Yeah, they don't allow smiling in passport photos any more. Since they need an exact size, I've always gone to the photo shop that does them. Then I have to try to "smize" (smile with my eyes, as Tyra Banks says), because I can't smile with my mouth. So far, well, I think I can do better. :)

    Here, the motor licence bureau takes its own picture. So again, I need to get it right when I'm on the spot.

    Your photo looks fine! I look terrible when I don't smile.


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