Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year, new kettle

I'm not a backward-looking person, so no big review of 2009 I'm afraid. Persons interested (would there be any at all? Seems unlikely) in what I got up to, or in my profound reflections, or in my trenchant observations on life and the universe will have to wade through all the postings. There's a kind of index on the lower right of this page if you scroll down a bit, and there's a search box top right.

When I got back from Bristol I found that Mum and Dad's kitchen kettle had decided to die while I was away.

I suppose that, left to themselves, things like kettles and washing machines and hoovers and PCs get to ponder on their existence, and may come to the conclusion that their time has come. So they exit forthwith. A kettle, which is switched on to make cups of tea and coffee all day long, might particularly miss the hand of its accustomed owner. I dare say it wished me well, but it's my belief that Mum and Dad's kettle pined for them, and just took its chance to join them in heaven while I was absent on my pre-Christmas jaunt.

So now I've got a brand new shiny kettle of my own. And as you can see, you can have fun treating it like a fisheye lens!

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  1. Hope you and your shiny kettle enjoy many cups of tea together


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