Sunday, 3 January 2010

New fur hat

Now what do think of my new hat? It's made by 'Betmar of New York' and I've no idea whether that's a recommendation or not, but it's certainly a nice warm comfy sort of hat, nice to touch, and just the job for these cold wintry days and nights. I didn't nip over the Atlantic to buy it. There's a ladies' fashion shop in Shaftesbury in Dorset called Shirley Allum Fashions and I saw it there. The lady who served me decided that it suited me better than another, lighter-coloured hat I first saw (to match a fur-trimmed jacket I had my eye on) and I had to agree.

I had quite a good shop in Shaftesbury, the haul including not only the hat and the fur-trimmed jacket but some light blue wellies with hens on them and long warm stripey socks in blue and red to pad around in. Well, it was pretty chilly outside, you know.


  1. That is a really cute hat Lucy, it looks good on you. And it is a very good thing that you not just nip across the Atlantic to buy it without dropping in to say hi! Now "wellies". That would be Wellingtons, as in rubber boots?

  2. I love the hat. The lady in the shop definitely got it right. And every girl should have a pair of colourful wellies! Well done.

  3. I'm still plucking up the courage to do a hat - yours looks good :)

  4. You hat does look cosy and warm. Will we get to see the wellies too?

  5. @Sophie:
    I would certainly drop in to say hi, if visiting the US (which I was seriously toying with a while back)! Yes, it's short for 'Wellington boots' as in Duke of Wellington (the chappie at Waterloo and subsequent Prime Minister who nearly got killed in a duel). In ordinary language we Brits call them 'wellies', and we talk of 'putting your welly down' or 'give it a bit of welly' when you need to overtake a slow car on the road. Well, we do my circle! I wouldn't try these idioms out in the States though. You might get a few strange looks!

    Courage? Well, I feel very good in my hat, and I think it may be a real 'female signifyer' because men don't wear anything like it. Nor do 'trannies'. So it lends confidence, rather than takes it away.

    You want some photos of my new wellies in action? Coming soon.

    Thank you everyone else. Funny isn't it? I did a serious piece called 'The Transsexual Manifesto' back in November, and nary a comment. (Admittedly I didn't beg for responses) But a something on hats definitely strikes the right chord! And why not? Hats are fun. So are wellies. But heavy stuff on gender dysphoria just isn't. Besides, what is there new to say about the need to adapt your awkward outer appearance to the different beautiful person within?


  6. I remember that post. It's not very often that I don't comment but sometimes I feel that it's best to leave it to 'the experts', as it were.


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