Saturday, 16 January 2010

First bra

I forgot to mention something that I've started to do full-time - wear a bra. A really important event in my trans life, and it was pushed out by blather about external hard drives and diesel engined motors. Tsk!

Devotees of this blog will recall when I had my first bra sizing (see the posting 'Oh dear, not big enough yet' on 19 August 2009). That demonstrated that back then I had nothing to shout about, and needed to let nature take her course a while longer.

A few days before the sizing, I'd bought a nice white 36AA bra on the spur of the moment. It was rather tight, and so I put it away in a drawer. But last Monday, as I was going up to London, I decided to dig it out and try it on again. This time I paid closer attention to the strap adjustment, and lo and behold it fitted in a can't-breathe, bulging-flesh sort of way. Well, it wasn't quite that bad, but it stiffened my resolve to lose some weight!

For the first few minutes it felt rather strange to have this garment on, then, irrationally, it felt pleasant and reassuring. I felt protected, and visually much more female. And most definitely more shapely, although really the bra added very little to the size of my breasts. I suppose it lifted then up slightly and gave them 'definition'.

Well, I wasn't going to swagger around drawing attention to this new development. For instance I didn't tell Christella Antoni, my voice therapist, whom I saw on my first 'bra day'. I didn't straight away tell any friend I met up in London. And they didn't immediately spot the difference themselves, so that shows that the visual change is subtle. Even M--- didn't show any signs of noticing a couple of days back in Chichester. That's all fine by me.

Now I have three bras to wear. I ordered two more from Marks & Spencer Online. Size 38AA. These are from their 'Angel' range, and are intended for teenage girls who have been wearing some kind of bra for a couple of years and are ready for something that looks a bit more grown up. Mine came in a set of two, white and pink. Little hearts on the straps. Very cute, I can tell you.

Did you know that the Swedish for 'good' is 'bra'?


  1. Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of Marks and Spencer online. I have a wide back and tiny breasts and I've found a selection there in my size!! At last.

    Congratulations - bras are special. You've reminded me of my first bra a long, long time ago.

    'Bra' can also mean 'well' in Swedish too, very fitting.

  2. That is certainly high on my things to do list also. Not to wear a bra per se, but to wear one fitted to me and not the forms inside. I think I may be getting close to where they actually make one that would fit. I have a 36A on order, will have to wait now and see how it goes.

  3. Yes, despite some advice and gentle pressure from certain trans friends that I should enhance my bust with breast forms, I have resolutely resisted, wanting my bust, small though it is, to be completely natural. I've also had personal quibbles about heavily padded bras. I'm pleased with myself for waiting. I really can now fill an AA-sized bra, and have realistic hopes of an A, and who knows maybe a B, in the fullness of time.

    Reservations about using 'artificial' aids to gain a female appearance are a bit irrational. Real girls use wigs, hair extensions and Wonderbras to improve their looks, and in the past both men and women used corsets. But I'm unrepentant!


  4. lol, They also use makeup and jewelry! It is hard to know where to draw the line between being au natural and what you personally consider "too much". I am comfortable with the forms, but with the waist and hips what you see is what you get. Plus, clothes fit so much better with the forms. I get tired of wearing knits all the time just because my top half is a 12 and the lower half is an 8.

  5. Ah, I always had pretty wide hips. That was one of the things I clung onto in my teens, as most everything else got masculinised. I KNEW that they were wide for a reason, though at the time I could not guess at what lay forty years ahead in the future.

    So I started out in my transition as 16 on top but 12 below, and that's now 16/14. If I lose further mass up top I may end up being 14 all over! Which is fine, so long as I have a definite waist!


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