Monday, 28 December 2009

That missing spare car key!

Go on, you all wanted to know whether I ever found the spare car key. Of course you did.

Well, I did find the spare key, and now won't be locked out of my car again. It was in the caravan where it should have been, but not in its ordinary place. It was down in a narrow gap in front of the radio/CD player control plate. Quite a good sneaky hiding place really. I don't see how it could have slipped into that gap, so I must have put it there. But I don't remember doing that, and I don't as a rule have 'safe' hiding places for things, because I invariably forget all about them. So it's a real puzzle what I did. And it can't be put down to Dru's amazing damson vodka, either.

At any rate, I won't now have to spend maybe £150 on a new spare key (they contain electronics and have to be 'programmed' at a dealer). Was I relieved!


  1. Well, I for one am certainly relieved you found it. Now I will be able to sleep at night. The very best wishes to you Lucy for the upcoming new year.

  2. I discovered that they can hide for years and then turn up in a wife's handbag!

    Safe hiding places which are so obvious to you when you choose them are impossible to recall a day later, been caught too many times so have overcome my fear of writing down the hiding place. Now of course I have to remember where I wrote it and I am not telling you how to solve that one, you have to work out a place for yourself.

    The cost of replacement keys has to be a scam to make extra profit, there are some independents who can do it a lot cheaper for some cars.

    Caroline XX

  3. Thats good news especially considering the quoted cost of replacing it. :)

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