Monday, 7 December 2009

Party girl

Well, here it is, that red Diane von Furstenburg party dress I mentioned in a previous post. This was for a red-themed party in Brighton. As you can see, I added a broad black belt, long black gloves, black tights, and black shoes with a buckle. It was all very comfortable to wear, although the neckline tended to edge upwards. In the ladies' loo a nice young woman called Karen, who said she was a dresser, tried to adjust it a bit. But it still rode up again. It must reflect the present imperfect state of my anatomy, I suppose! If I'd had big breasts to push it out, the neckline would have come down.


  1. Lucy, why don't you consider silicon filled breast forms, to help fill out the bust line of your clothes? You don't have to go real big, just big enough do the job. You can get some very nice ones for around $100 a piece. Put them in the right size molded cup bra, and no one can tell they aren't the real you, and they do make your tops and dresses look better. My natural breasts look about the same as yours; definitely female, yet not enough to fill an A cup bra. I too had trouble with fashions not fitting properly, until I started wearing breast forms.

    I wear these triangular forms here, in one of these molded cup bras here. They look great, and perfectly natural under clingy tops, dresses and tees.

    Melissa XX

  2. Thanks, Melissa. I have to say that I didn't do that dress justice. And many people are now urging me to use breast forms (or 'chicken fillets') to give me a proper feminine proper shape.

    Those US websites had nice products, no question. But obviously I'd best look to UK retailers first, perhaps even actual shops that I can visit. No shortage of those in Brighton.

    Yes, the time has come!


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