Monday, 7 December 2009

My ceramic Christmas Tree

This is my sole gesture towards Christmas. A ceramic Christmas Tree. Plug it in, switch it on, and the light bulb inside illuminates all those little brightly-coloured plastic 'cones', and the 'star' on top. Aaaah.

Mum and Dad got one years ago. They said these trees were imported from Canada by a South Wales firm. I said yes, I'd love to have one too, and so I was presented with it in time for Christmas 1992 - seems longer ago, but I don't think it was - and every year without fail I get it out and enjoy the glow.

I thought you'd like to see it as well. It is rather pretty, isn't it?


  1. As a sole gesture its very nice :)

  2. Yes, I love those! My parents had one or two of them when I was a kid. There's a memory that isn't bad. :)


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