Saturday, 26 December 2009

Master Chef of the Year - not!

I have to confess to a little disaster. I browned the two duck legs, and put them in a pan in just a bit of fat, you don't need much, surrounded by ordinary potatoes, a sweet potato, carrots, and a dab of plum conserve. All of this in the oven. And I had some brussel sprouts ready to boil on the hob. I reckoned to check the oven after 45 minutes, and then get the sprouts boiling sometime after that.

Well I fell asleep, no idea why, and awoke to find Diana at my door, wanting to wish me a Merry Christmas. Of course I have her in for a little chat. Then I remember the oven. And it's been well over an hour now. More like an hour and a half. And...well as you can see it's the classic burnt offering. The vegetables are charcoal. The duck legs are just about edible, if you like dry, unsucculent duck that is. I thought to myself, you could instead knock up bacon and eggs in a jiffy, and there's some nice cold ham, or plenty in the freezer if you want to wait for it to defrost. I didn't want. I boiled up the sprouts and had a minimalist Christmas Dinner. I have to say it was better than it looks, but I've definitely enjoyed nicer meals in my time.

It was redeemed somewhat by a little Christmas Pudding with custard to follow.

I tremble to think what might have happened if I had been tucking into Dru's damson vodka. The fire brigade maybe!


  1. Ooooops! A timer on Santa's list next year perhaps. Think of the calories saved and better luck next time.

    Caroline XX

  2. Thankfully your friend woke you up.
    A timer with a very loud alarm might be a good investment.
    Karen x

  3. ..or possibly a pot for pot roasting :-). I have found that it is essential to put an alarm on, otherwise I will forget sure as eggs. The bread over-rose last week, and spilled all over the top of the cooker like an explosion at the porridge factory...

    Happy Boxing Day!

  4. I'm the world expert at overdoing the turkey, at least we get to practise again next year.

  5. The thing is I do have a timer, and tend to time everything, but then I used to get laughed at for doing it from people of the 'let intuition be your guide' school of thought.

    It just shows. Stick to what comes naturally to you, and don't listen to others to want to mend your silly ways, because you do it for a reason, and it suits you. If I'd had that timer by me I would have enjoyed a really tasty meal, and have a spare duck leg for shredding (with a nice stir-fry in mind).

    Right. I won't make the same mistake again.


  6. thought you just had a large appetite when I saw the pan.

  7. A shame, but I think we've all done it at times.

  8. Lucie's speciality: Canard Incinéré. Don't tell Jamie Oliver or everyone will be doing it!

    Angie xx

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