Sunday, 13 December 2009

Greetings from Melford Hall

I've had the mother of all colds during the last week, believe me. I must have caught something at that Wild Fruit Red Party. I dare say I'm quite susceptible - I live on my own, drive about on my own, and my public outings (though daily and sometimes prolonged) do not as a rule include hot, crowded atmospheres indoors. So I'm in a constant self-imposed quarantine situation, and don't have a lot of exposure to the germs floating about in public places. So I'm vulnerable as any islander would be. I thought I wasn't feeling too well by the time I got home from the Red Party. The limpness set in soon after I took the shots of Boy George doing his DJ thing. I sort of lost interest. Once home, I perked up after a night's rest, but as already recorded I had the beginnings of a sore throat when I saw Christella, and it just got worse from there. I had to miss the Angels' Christmas Lunch in London today, as I was still not quite well enough to venture out.

However recuperation at The Moated Grange (aka Melford Hall) has been tolerably comfortable, even full of good cheer, with the ceramic Christmas Tree glowing away in the half-light of the afternoon. I've plenty of things to eat and drink, plenty to read, plenty of unfinished photo things to attend to. Just as well. This will be the first Christmas without Mum and Dad, and it's difficult not to fall into tearful thinking. I fight it off. Nor is it clear whether M--- and I will get to see each other, even though we live only half a mile apart as the crow flies. I hope we do. I'm reserving Christmas Day for her, in case she invites me over on impulse. We have had a (mostly) upbeat phone conversation, and we will at least phone each other on Christmas Day.

I have a default home-cooked Christmas dinner lined up: I've got some duck in the freezer. I just have to remember to get more vegetables and the rest while in Bristol. Yes, I'm off to the West Country with the caravan in tow on Thursday, and I'm having two days at Salisbury on the way. On Friday I meet up with two (perhaps three) other girls in Salisbury, which will be fun. I'm not sure who I may see in Bristol, but if no link-ups occur, there is still a lot I want to see and do in and outside of the city. No sure about clubbing, though - if a visit would mean another cold, then no thanks!

By the way, that's not Melford Hall in the photo, but it's still a local house, just a bit up the hill.


  1. Hi Lucy, hope you are feeling more "up and about". I had to suffer through a cold like that a few weeks back. Unfortunately, I had to shut myself up in my office at work and recuperate there during the day. The duck dinner for Christmas sounds good. I have no plans at all so far. Like you, this is a first Christmas for me also. All I know so far is that there won't be a big turkey dinner here at my house.

  2. I seem to ahev a suimialr issue right now, Lucy...

    I can't help but wonder if the hormones have made me a little less robust when it comes to colds and flu. ??


  3. Sorry to hear you have been feeling unwell Lucy. Hope you are already feeling so much better.

    About five years ago now I got flu just before Christmas ans ended up spending Christmas Day in bed. It was the most miserable day.

    Hope you are better now x

  4. Hope you are fully recovered for your trip and for Christmas.

  5. Thanks for all the good wishes, all. I'm now just left with an annoying cough that comes and goes, and should lessen gradually as the week goes on.

    The weather forecast is for very cold weather, so I need to be fit!



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