Friday, 18 December 2009

Invitation to a Cervical Screening Test

I'm now away in the caravan, but just before I left home the postman delivered a letter from the NHS. It invites me to have my cervix scraped to provide a test sample of tissue for analysis. Just in case there is any abnormality.

The NHS thinks I am truly female!

I can't and won't ignore this. I'm seeing my doctor anyway in January for several other tests, and I'll deal with this one then. Isn't it nice, though, to know that The System has me on record under the correct gender?


  1. Go along and see if they can find it!

    Does show that despite half a century or more of knowing and accepting us as fact there is nowhere in the system where we fit exactly!

    Caroline XX

  2. That's really lovely, Lucy. Next it'll be breast screening!

    On a serious note, do you need to ensure that you don't miss out on 'male' tests such as those for prostate problems?

  3. Oh yes, the prostate gets its own test! Not going to overlook that one.



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