Saturday, 26 December 2009

Dru Marland's magnetic gift to me

I mentioned that I visited Dru Marland (of 'Flying Upside Down in Cloud', and the subject of Richard Beard's book Becoming Drusilla) while I was in Bristol. Well not only did she give me a meal and some chat and a tour of her rooftop, she gave me two gifts. One was this little magnetic picture, the cover illustration she did for a friend's bird book. The picture is now stuck to the front of my fridge. Thank you, Dru. The other was a bottle of her homemade damson vodka, but, silly me, I forgot to take it when it was time to go (no doubt the effect of the damson vodka I'd already inhaled). Oh well. I'm quite sure it found another home, you know, down someone's hatch, certainly by now. It was a pretty vodka, though, very appealing to look at, and it tasted very nice. You'll just have to make some more, Dru, and patent it perhaps.


  1. what a lovley idea for a fridge magnet! I suppose I could get some made of my postcards....

    Pity about the vodka

  2. You'll just have to call by and collect it another time, Lucy!

  3. Well, I'm going to Newport to stay with my Auntie Peg around the end of January, or maybe the beginning of February and can call by to say hello again very easily. So do please save a small bottle of the stuff for me!


  4. It's lovely!!!



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