Monday, 7 December 2009

Boy George at the Wild Fruit Red Party

Boy George was billed for the Brighton party yesterday evening, and we found him doing a polished DJ turn in one of the dance areas at the Oceana. That's him in the pink hat. He was very accessable, with only a low perspex wall to hide behind. It was adequate; he wasn't beseiged by paparazzi-style attention. But there was a constant retinue of fans wanting a shot or two. As you can see, I got in on the act as well. How silly.

Boy George has had a poor press on the whole since the 1980s. You can't overlook the heroin addiction, nor the odd erratic misdemeanour, but sadly the press does make matters seem worse. I have to say that on the night he was professional, relaxed, good-humoured and entirely inoffensive.

The little Leica struggled a bit in the very low lighting. I should have taken the Nikon.


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  2. (What I was trying to say above was...) oooh I am feeling a bit star struck ;-)

  3. The Blitz Kids got a reputation as a sort of "doomed" bunch...

    George was nice enough but could be very bitchy, and I wouldn't trust him with my handbag back then, either...

    By the time I started going there, and then later at the Camdan Palace and Heaven, he and several of the others were already on heroin.

    There was a lot of drug-taking in the clubs back then (mostly E) But George and Steve and a few others took it to extremes.

    I have not seen him in the flesh for many, many years now, and it's nice to see that he can still entertain and still be professional.

    I do have a soft spot for Culture Club, and some of their tracks were really good..

    Anmd he had a great voice that just got better as he got older, drugs or not.

    Nice little blast from the past there, Lucy. Thanks for posting it...


  4. If you want to get more of the Wild Fruit Red Party he was DJing for, there's more pix under 'Sussex' on my Flickr site.


  5. I loved Culture Club, and thought Boy George was so brave! Even young girls were emulating his style! I wanted so much for him to transition. What a boost that would have been for everyone who was Trans at the time, but instead, he descended into a snake pit of drugs and irrational behavior. Nice to see he's out of the hoosegow, and back to leading a productive life. I would love to have talked to him. Did you get a chance to chat with him, Lucy?

    Melissa XX

  6. @Melissa:
    No, I'm afraid I didn't. He was very engrossed in what he was doing, but in any case the noise was very loud and I'd made myself hoarse already!



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