Sunday, 29 November 2009

Vorsprung durch technik - new shaver, actually

Roz recommended getting a simple rechargeable electric foil shaver for the apres-electrolysis shave, as it wouldn't irritate the skin, or risk cutting it, nearly as much as a wet shave might. So I went out to Argos next morning and bought this Remington shaver. And I have to say it does a very good job. It's slightly quicker to use than a bladed razor, and clearly there just isn't the same potential to nick the skin around the nose and mouth.

It's about thirteen hours since I first used it on my face, and there is very little stubble to be felt, and practically none to be seen. That's as good as wet shaving. So I think I'll go back to an electric shaver after a gap of 14 years.

I wonder how long it will be in daily use in the months ahead?


  1. I've been thinking of trying a foil shaver like that. My Norelco doesn't shave nearly as close as a wet shave with a blade.

    Melissa XX

  2. Yes, the foil ones do shave closer and are usually gentler, BUT.....

    Take care that you do not break the foil screen. It's not hard to do and you are unlikely to notice it until you give yourself a very nasty gash, often deeper and wider than a razor nick... !:-(

    I intend to go for one soon, but I'll be looking for those that advertise a stronger foil screen...


  3. @Chrissie:
    I will take care. careless handling of my last foil shaver (a Braun) led to splits in the screen and the gashes you speak of. I suppose they're made of stainless steel and weaken over time. The more expensive 'titanium' shavers are presumably better in that respect. But just how long will I still need to shave my face? One year, two years more? I don't think I can justify the cost of a fancy high-spec, superturbo, works-on-the-surface-of-the-sun, can-hammer-in-nails-with-it ultra expensive shaver.

    Which I suppose it pretty rich from someone who goes in for fancy bits of leather (i.e. the Prada handbag). But I have my priorities!

    I hope to be using that swanky bag in ten years time. By then the shaver will be a good-riddance type memory.

  4. I have a Braun foil shaver that I use for quick touch-ups between daily wet shaves, but I'm using it less and less as the IPL treatment takes effect.

    I've had my fair share of broken foil problems and now Braun have a money-making racket of only selling foils complete with cutters, doubling the price. So, on principle, I'm battling on with a half-broken foil and sticky tape but at the earliest opportunity the whole lot's going in the dustbin.


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