Monday, 9 November 2009

Visiting Debbie

This is a picture of me, taken by Josephine, while we were both visiting Debbie in hospital. It was three days ago.

Debbie must be getting pretty used to seeing me, as I've looked in every day so far (six visits), and I will continue to supply some daily chat until she leaves, when, unless there is divine intervention, I will drive her home. Then there will soon be two other girls lined up for visiting. I could make a career of this!


  1. You are a good sister, Lucy! (Nice pic of you too!)Debbie doesn't know me, but I left my congratulations on her blog, just the same. Please give her my warm regards, and my wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Melissa XX

  2. Please send her my love too. she must be disappointed she won't be going home today.

    You probably could make a career of your visiting you know. Hospitals are few and far between and not always easy to get to

    It's nice to see a bigger picture of you.

  3. Thank you both. Actually I was having an idle chat with Dad earlier this year and he said just the same about being an official Hospital Visitor. He thought I was well suited to it, because (very much like my Mum) I was good at talking with people, drawing out their lives and anxieties and making them feel a little better, without getting deeply enmeshed in their affairs.

    Well, if I want to try volunteer work, here is one opening! (But not if I have a tedious'performance agreement' or similar to cope with)

    You can see all sorts of pictures of me on my Flickr site, and there are three different links to Flickr on the blog (to the right of the latest posting). One is the regular link to my conventional Photostream, although from there you can go to any one of several categories such as 'Myself' or 'New Zealand'). Next down displays everything in the order of 'interestingness', although whose judgement is being applied eludes me! Bottom choice is everything in the order uploaded, although unlike the Photostream you can take in much more at a single glance. Whatever thd viewing method, just click on any shot to enlarge it.


  4. Hi Lucy
    I used to know Brighton well but live in South West now. I have enjoyed reading your blog.
    Thanks keep it up.

    Hugs helen

  5. doh, thanks for pointing the links out to me. I enjoyed looking at your photos. Toasted teacakes and the English countryside. I love where I live, but you can't beat pictures of England.

  6. It's wonderful she has such good caring friends such as yourself. I hope she can get home soon.
    Karen x

  7. Debbie is so fortunate to have such good friends!

    And, girl, you look great in that picture!

    Calie xxx

  8. Glad you and a few others were able to pay Debbie a visit. :)
    Lucy x


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