Saturday, 14 November 2009

Poem for the Day - Winter

Yesterday evening was pretty windy, but tonight has been a regular gale! It looks as if autumn is already passing, and that winter is just around the corner. We probably won't get any crisp white snow, nor the glinting sunshine and frosty blue skies that can make it all so beautiful. It'll just be rain and fog, dampness and cold. But indoors, a good excuse for light and cheer. Let's be upbeat! Here's a poem I wrote back in September 1995 that seems apt:


Think of me, facing the pale winter sky,
At the edge of the wood as the leaves blow by.
And think of the crow up above in the trees,
Whose breakfast and supper are nothing but breeze.
And look at the mouse who is not yet in bed,
Driven by hunger to forage instead.
The frost is an adder that gnaws at the land;
And the pale winter sky with the leaves blowing by
Is as empty and bitter as poor Nature's hand.

But remember the curtains that keep out the night,
And remember the sunshine, so brilliant, so bright;
And the crystals of ice, their symmetrical art,
And the roaring log fire that cheers the heart.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to hang on to the positive side of winter. Christmas is coming very soon, I think that helps a lot of people through the winter.

    we went out for a walk yesterdzy evening before bed and almost turned back because of the wind. We were wide awake again by the time we got home.

  2. aaahhh..... Nice one, Lucy!!



  3. I've been worrying about you down there on the coast (ish). They say it's taking the brunt of the weather!

    Not blown away Lucy, Dorothy-like?

  4. I do like your poems. I had a phase of writing sonnets some time ago, and in response to a friend writing one about Autumn, I wrote three more on Winter, Spring and Summer. It's quite therapeutic, writing poetry.
    The Hindus have, I think, the right idea with Diwali, the Light festival, coming in the depths of winter. Keep writing, Lucy, what you share is worth reading.

  5. Perhaps I'm strange, but I have always loved autumn and winter. I love donning boots, and bundling up in corduroy, wool and leather. And while I love a warm fire, I also love the cool air on my nose, ears and cheeks. I just don't like heavy snows, or ice storms.

    Melissa XX

  6. Thanks for the positive comments on these poems. I've 'published' several now on this blog. You'll get more, you know. Brace yourselves!

    Although wet and windy, it wasn't too bad where I live, because my village is protected by the South Downs a mile or so to the south, and between me and the sea. No fences down; just kept on having to restore the three wheely bins to an upright position - they kept on being blown over!



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