Sunday, 29 November 2009

Pills and patches

The Melford medication. That's three different kinds of blood pressure pill (been taking them for years), a statin tablet, and of course the hormone patch. This cocktail of drugs is one reason why Dr Curtis is reluctant to prescribe any anti-androgens, although with a testosterone level down to 0.9 by last June, and presumably even lower in the January test coming up, a dose of anti-androgens wouldn't achieve much, and it would simply add another layer of medication with the risk of interactions.

Of course the real point of the photo is to show off the 'Miss Lucy Melford' on each pack, and on the Prepayment Certificate. Heartwarming!

I'm still ploughing on with the name-change notifications. 85 to be dealt with; 57 done; that's exactly two-thirds of them out of the way. Two important ones - passport and driving licence - are hanging fire because a solicitor needs to see them next Friday. Quite a few of the remainder are friends, family and neighbours old and new who need to be told. Some tricky letters, emails or conversations there! Oh yes, I can't wait for the reactions. A few wll be pleasant and supportive. Some won't be. And some will be completely stunned, not knowing how to react at all.


  1. Don't give up on the blood pressure and Cholesterol, I've managed to stop needing pills for both of them.

    I imagine your satisfaction of seeing your name officially there. 85 notifications and Christmas cards to send as well... Think I'll go and have a rest somewhere..

  2. That NHS prepayment card Lucy - what's the deal there?

  3. The Bendroflumethiazide is a diarrhoeic, often prescribed in combination with other pills for high blood pressure. As my wife will tell you, it's also given to people with fluid retention problems and they're predominantly women. So you can claim that you have two 'Miss Lucy' medications!

  4. @Anji:
    Oh I don't mind popping all these pills. The high blood pressure is a family trait, and I don't really think I'll be able to wean myself off the medication!

    Christmas cards...not many this year. More perhaps in 2010!

    Quite a good deal. Briefly, you pay a lump sum once a year (for me it was £102.50 back in late January) and you get the card you see in the photo. It entitles you to free prescribed medicines, whatever the quantity. Once a month I collect five different items. I think that would cost me about £35, and multiplied by 12 = £420 for a year. But I've only paid £102, so clearly I'm quids in. It almost pays for a year's caravanning - the site fees anyway.

    Obviously it isn't worth having a prepayment certificate if you only get one item per month.

    The NHS enquiry line is 0845 601 8076 for more details.


  5. 142 name change notifications? Holy moley! I didn't have a quarter of that. I get tired just thinking about it.

    It's so nice seeing your REAL name in print, isn't it? The "Miss" appellation really drives it home. :D

  6. Lucy
    Gosh! I'm still learning all there is to the transition process. I can appreciate how significant it is to see your name in print.
    Im really pleased for you. I hope that those difficult conversations are not too painful and don't spoil Christmas for you.
    Thanks for sharing with us your journey.

  7. @Amy K:
    Sorry, I wasn't clear. 85 on my list, and so far I've dealt with 57, so only 28 left to do. Not such a big task now. And some of those I may not bother with, such as people who haven't been in touch with me for some time. If we haven't kept up a connection, what is the point of trying to revive it, especially in these circumstances? Not much.


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