Sunday, 15 November 2009

A little drama played out before our eyes

The same evening (see the previous post). The photo is poor, but then it's been taken in semi-darkness. We've been watching an unfolding little drama. Two young girls seem to have targeted the guy on the right in the check shirt. They can't be more than 18 or so - students, probably. The right-hand girl has a lovely body, legs to die for, and the left-hand girl can't keep her hands off her. We notice some intimate fondling, brief but exciting if you are a man and unattached and something of a voyeur. Of course, we aren't any of those things. But the guy is plainly fascinated and caught hook, line and sinker. They sit with him, then move off a few feet to gyrate to the music, all caresses and tight clinches. Dirty dancing, presumably. No idea. We wonder what next. It seems all too much of a performance just to get a free drink. Finally he's on his feet, and then they all move to the exit. It's a rainy night. They're going to get wet. I've got my photo.


  1. You certainly have got your photo. Fascinating.

  2. A big YES to the two girls, but the nasty man just ruins it for me. Pshaw pshaw! :P

  3. Hey Lucy?
    whenever I'm out my favourite pastime especially in bars is people watching. I was at a party the other night and my eye was caught by hand gestures of one girl talking, closer observation she was in the middle of an arguemnt with a man, both were trying to keep it contained and I felt for them but it is fascinating.



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