Tuesday, 10 November 2009

An invitation to participate at Brighton University

I'm really touched and flattered. One of the trans guys who comes to the Clare Project drop-in on Tuesdays here in Brighton, and is a student at the University, has asked me if I would be willing to participate in an event there in early February. It would involve speaking about my trans experience for the benefit and enlightenment of a mixed group of students. It wouldn't be a lecture; much more a group discussion in an informal setting.

I have said yes, I'd be happy to speak. It could be a rough ride, or an uplifting hour of pure joy. I don't mind. It's a chance to educate and explain. And if it stops any young person worrying themselves to death about their gender, then how worthwhile.

Hmmm. Better get my own thinking in order! (See the recent post called 'The Transsexual Manifesto')


  1. That sounds really great. I think education is the word. This blog is a start. You can do so much to help young people. Your manifesto is a good start. And while you are there you might find a student who's interested in the long term effects of the hormones you are taking.

  2. Hi Lucy
    Thanks so much for leaving such a thoughtful and helpful comment on my blog yesterday. I really appreciated that you took the time to 'write to me' rather than post a 'one liner' Thank you so much. My blog is only about a week old but I have been very encouraged by the new people I have met and you are one of those kindred spirits you mentioned. You and your blog have been a real find and I hope I find more people like you. x. Its been a good start and very rewarding so far.

    I have a profile on TV chix also but I did this a while ago and was a little disheartened by some of the people I heard from there. (I'm being polite if I'm honest!) This is one of the reasons I started my own blog.

    I read your comment to me with real interest, I have often wondered what taking hormones and going through the physical changes would be like and I so I continue to enjoy what you write about your journey.

    I am changing my make up products especially the wet eyeliner to pencils as I think this is what caused the problem with my eyes. Also I watched a few too many make up video's and one of them was haow to do very dark smokey eyes which was great fun to follow but a pain in the bloody **** to remove hence my sore eyes. I'm still experimenting and its fun.

    I hope its not too breezy in Brighton this morning? Dry but quite chilly here but at least that rain has stopped! have a great day, Hope studying the manifesto helps and I'll check in later to read how it went.

    have a great day
    Thanks again
    Helen x

  3. Congratulations, Lucy. I'm sure you'll "sock it to 'em" and give a great boost to the tg community.

    I agree with Anji - education IS the word.

  4. Wow, good luck if you in for it. :)


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