Thursday, 5 November 2009

Deed Poll - the legal copies

Have to say that although I paid for same-day turnaround the UK Deed Poll Service have been incredibly efficient. I posted the Deed back in a first-class stiff A4 envelope they provided late in the afternoon on 2 November, and could have taken delivery before noon on 4 November (yesterday), had I been home. That's impressive. And full marks to Royal Mail too. Of course you pay top dollar for such service. But I for one don't mind that for occasional special packages that simply must be delivered quickly and safely.

The legal copies look even better than the original document! Each one is basically a colour photo of the original, printed onto stiffish A4 paper (Christmas or birthday card thickness) with the certifying signature of the UK Deed Poll Service's CEO, a note for anyone examining the thing, and contact information if they are in any doubt. It's framable. It's too good to bend or fold. I feel I've got my money's worth.

Now to work on notifying all and sundry!

1 comment:

  1. That was good service, I thought there was a stike on!

    We paid a lot for something similar here and they 'couldn't find' us. We got a full refund but it is not the point, is it?


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