Tuesday, 3 November 2009


It's not long after 11am here, and it's a nail-biting wait for more news about Debbie. Surely by now they must have completed the main part of the surgery?

Not going to make a fuss. I'm sure Nicky will post a bulletin any minute now. I'm going out to Brighton from 3pm, but I can (thank goodness) still get the Internet on my mobile phone. Ought to be some news by then.

Think I'll go for a walk, sun's just come out.

You're doing a great job, Nicky!


  1. called hospital 12 midday, they said "give us 2 hours", so I'll be calling back...keep biting those nails xx

  2. I've been checking back all day. Sounds like everything went as it should.

    Did you say somehting about going to visit Debbie? If you do please give her a (gentle) hug from me.

  3. and from me!!!!



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