Wednesday, 4 November 2009

BT: Grrr!

Actually, it wouldn't be fair to bash BT too much. The timing of what I now have to put up with - a two-week gap in my phone call service - is down to me. Let me explain.

I am going to be without the ability to make landline calls out, or receive any landline calls, until 13 November. BT told me so in a letter dated 31 October, which (because of the postal strikes) I received only today. So that makes it two whole weeks to transfer the call service from Sky (who used to have it) to BT (who now have it again). Two weeks! Thank goodness I have my mobile phone.

I mean, there are so many things to get under way just now that need a phone: for example, arranging interviews to get my Deed Poll name change on various sets of records; chasing up parcel deliveries (such as my new digital voice recorder); chasing up my cruise refund; and so on.

I think two weeks is not speedy service at all. Hence the 'Grrr!'. This said, I could have done something about the changeover from Sky to BT months ago, and endured it at a more convenient time, had I realised that I needed to set something in motion. For some strange reason that illustrates what an odd mind I must have, I assumed that phoning Sky and cancelling all of Dad's package (he had signed up for the whole kit and caboodle, including phone calls) meant that things would revert automatically to BT by default. Especially as I had contacted BT to say that I was taking over the line. You'd have thought BT would say to themselves, 'Perhaps our new customer would be interested in a fresh call deal'. But evidently not. How naive of me to assume intelligence, or even just a proactive desire for new business, however modest.

So there you are. I didn't act earlier, and must endure this now when it's most awkward. Sigh. I wonder what else I've overlooked?


  1. Two tins and a length of string works perfectly, Lucy!

    Hello... are you still there?

  2. Did you actually try making a 'phone' like that when a child, Angie? I did. Somehow I pieced two tins from the dustbin, found a long ball of twine, fixed the ends into the bottom of each tin with a huge knot, then draped the twine all the way from the downstairs litchen (where I was), through the lounge, into the hall, over the bannisters, and upstairs to the landing (where my brother was). Of course, we couldn't get it to work because we couldn't get the twine taut in a straight line. But it shows what kids would do then, around 1960. Simple pleasures. No doubt I rewound the ball of twine before it was missed, and then sat down to watch The Flintstones, Yogi Bear or Huckleberry Hound. Or was it I Love Lucy?


  3. Since local loop unbundling many phone companies have their own boxes at the local exchange and switching one to the other takes a little time however I'd expect better but that's never bt's way.

  4. Thanks, Lucy. No doubt that's the answer. And maybe the job will be completed sooner...

    Lucy M


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