Friday, 9 October 2009

Stylish women v myself

Oh dear. My attempts to look like a proper female fall decidedly flat when you study the real thing. I managed to catch a group of women passing each other on the pavement in the Lanes, and serendipitously none obscures any other. I love the tall slender girl left-centre. Alas the shot of yours truly is rather far removed from her lissom youthfulness.


  1. The tall slender girl is cute, but I'm partial to the gray tweed sleeveless shift, on the woman to her right. Is everyone in the UK wearing boots already? Seems a little early, with temps still in the 70's and 80's here.

    Melissa XX

  2. It's just a years thing. The least we can do is avoid being either mutton-dressed-as-lamb or given-up-the-struggle, and anything on top of that is a bonus. And you have plenty on top of that.

    I recall someone describing my appearance as 'mumsy', and my heart sank ever so slightly, then I thought, well, there are worse things to be....

  3. @Melissa:
    It's starting to get much cooler and wetter here now. We're getting the odd fine day, but summer is definitely over in Brighton, and autumn is upon us. That means boots, but let's face it, girlies love any excuse to wear boots! I'm already wearing my ankle boots, and the knee-length boots are champing at the bit.

    You're too kind. Hope the cracked ribs are healing well!


  4. Linda, there are lots of us who wish we could be 25 or more years younger and look like that. I reckon, though, that you would blend in perfectly with that group of ladies.

    For me, acceptance and being able to blend in are more important than stunning beauty. Agreed?

    ps. I love your MAC makeover :)


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