Wednesday, 28 October 2009

So we press on

With the cruise cancelled, there is nothing to delay taking the next steps in my transition: the name change, the major hair removal, the voice training.

Watch this space on the name change: I may well put that in motion later today, certainly by tomorrow. And I might as well now bring forward my next session with Roz, which will be the first electrolysis of my upper lip hair.

As for voice training, I have just taken delivery of some DVDs from Deep Stealth Productions - the outfit that Andrea James runs - and first sampling suggests this could be very beneficial. I'll let you know how it goes. (I will contact the UK specialist Christella Antoni if I can't do this on my own. It won't be easy to learn a new way of speaking)

Did I mention that yesterday I activated the credit card I now have in the name of 'Miss L Melford'? And used it to buy petrol that very afternoon? Most definitely a minor landmark. It was easy to set up. I just went online to my card company and ordered a second card for my account. It had to be for someone at the same address, a close family member for instance. Well, none closer! I didn't have to say what the relationship actually was. I had to agree of course that I would be responsible for Lucy's purchases (which would be listed with mine indistinguishably on the monthly statement) and meet the repayments required for both if us. No problemo! And that was that. For a while I'll carry both cards, but soon enough I'll be telling the card company about the change of name so that the main card will be for Lucy, and the statements will be addressed to her.


  1. Congratulations on the credit card, Lucy!

    I think voice training is an often overlooked part of transitioning. I have heard the results and it can be dramatic. Sometimes it is more inflection than pitch that makes the difference.

    When I was younger, I had a very high voice. I became a radio DJ and worked very hard to lower my voice. I would record my voice and listen to it over and over and practice and practice some more. All part of my attempt to hide my other side. Now, I am trying to undo what I had done. Anyway, if one can make the voice lower, one can make it higher.

    Good luck! Hard work will pay great dividends.

    Calie xxx

  2. Had to actually visit the bank today and was able to castrate my card! They would not do it online and was told I should take photo ID. The passport with the picture of a bearded terrorist on it for example!!!

    Nice woman was happy to accept a signature so no more having to use M identity out shopping . Should have done this ages ago, now should I get another card for a close relative and could I trust her with it?

    Caroline XXX

  3. Small thing, but in fact a major step.... :-)

    well done, pet.



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