Sunday, 4 October 2009

Shop windows

I've long been fascinated by shop window displays, especially the imaginative use of dummies and other props. And there was plenty to see in Tunbridge Wells yesterday. Once it got dark, conditions were excellent for some fashion shots. The top four were in Hooper's window, and I think the person responsible has done really well. I like the way the dummies seem to have an inner life, caught in frozen conversation with each other. The last picture of a shop window further up the hill shows a display that doesn't quite cut it. The basic idea is great - tumbling playing cards representing falling autumn leaves - but the eye is caught by the oversized cards, and not by the clothes. A shame. Different lighting would have focussed attention on the right things.

Have to say, I can snap away as Lucy with a freedom denied to my old male self. A bloke shooting female dummies in shop windows? Dodgy! (It's all right, officer. I'm a tranny, not a man. That's all right then, madam)

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