Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Poem for the Day - Forever in My Mind

Here's one from September 1972. Background: Still young and callow and fresh from school, I used to spend my lunchtimes with a sophisticated older female work colleague I had a crush on called Janet. She was inclined to be cynical and impatient of idiocy, but she seemed to enjoy my doglike company. And at the time I found her impressive and fascinating. At length I grew out of it and began to acquire some perspective.


Forever in my mind you will be;
Lost in the years to come,
But not to me.

A shadow flickers of your smile;
And I'll remember and reminisce
Upon the kiss that never came.
I see them now, those days I spent
In dim-lit rooms;
And walking in the winter sun,
Like lion and Lioness.
How we mocked the passers-by
And laughed, yes Janet, you and I.

I still linger in gloomy bars
Mellowing with the clock
And smiling at time as I always did.
I shall not forget.

No, I haven't forgotten. Wonder where she is now?

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