Thursday, 15 October 2009

My favourite places - Durdle Door in Dorset

Durdle Door (the natural rock arch caused by wave erosion on different but adjacent types of rock hereabouts) is an iconic feature of the Dorset coast, and it's terribly well-known. But as it's one of my favourite places, here it is.

The bottom photo was taken from Bat's Head, a mile to the west, and that's another Durdle Door in the making, but at a very early stage. At the moment it's mainly a plain cliff, but the sea has cut a small hole through it and it's just a matter of time. Sobering to think that in the ten or so millenia it may take, we (that is, all of mankind probably) may disappear from the Earth. Pity. The cameras of 12009 might have been pretty damn good, and I'd have got a perfect shot.


  1. So cool, Lucy..!!!


  2. Wow! Great pictures Lucy! Is it just me, or do those arch formations look like dragons, bending down for a drink, to every one?

    Melissa XX


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