Sunday, 4 October 2009

My favourite moment from LOTR 3 (The Return of the King)

Brave, womanly Eowyn! Having defied her uncle Theoden and ridden with the rest to the seige of beleagered Minas Tirith, she now defies the Leader of the Nazgul himself, but is beaten to the ground by a smashing blow from his mace. Her shield arm is broken. He towers over her, saying that no man can kill him. Undaunted, and ready to die to defend her stricken uncle, she pulls off her helmet and cries, 'I AM NO MAN!' and with that thrusts her sword into his face. I've always been moved to tears by this moment.

Second favourite is not long before, when Theoden, fully aware that he and all his men will ride to their doom against a vastly more numerous force, forms up his cavalry on the skyline and then leads them down to meet the enemy. He shouts 'Death!', a cry that they all take up and repeat as horns blast and the music surges. More tears. I can't help it.

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