Thursday, 8 October 2009

A lovely amber brooch

I now have two or three jackets that would benefit from having a brooch pinned to them, and I've been looking for a yellowish brooch. Amber was the answer, and I bought this one today from Silver Scene in the Lanes of Brighton. I was told the amber came from Poland, which makes sense because I learned from a lecture about amber jewellery on the cruise last April that in Europe the prime source of amber is the Baltic. The amber in my new brooch contains what looks like seeds and vegetable matter, but no dead flies. That's fine by me. I'd rather not have some nasty black mosquito-like carcass spoiling the effect. For some strange reason, dead insects vastly increase the price.

I hope the photos reveal something of the golden glow this brooch possesses when sunlight falls on it.


  1. Of course the ones with insects are pricier. What could be cooler, than a Pleistocene mosquito, forever entombed in a piece of amber?

    Melissa XX

  2. Yes, but a fly in your soup or ointment is such a bad thing!



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