Thursday, 1 October 2009

Looking for a trend

Perhaps a study of past photos might reveal a trend. Photos are exact contemporary evidence. Better than memory. This is set of five pictures that must indicate something. The first four are of me at work, or at least in work surroundings.

#1 1974 - the junior section leader in Southampton, with very friendly all-female colleagues. I'm the one with the silly grin who isn't wearing a skirt.

#2 1990 - the investigation/training manager in Bromley, with one of my trainees. Dig those specs! So cool and trendy.

#3 2000 - the deputy district inspector in Sutton. Still able to smile.

#4 2005 - the senior investigator in Croydon. Not smiling now.

#5 2007 - retired, at home, and it looks as if something's on my mind.

Sorry, I haven't got any brain scans...


  1. Hmmmmm.........I wonder........,Chief Inspector Melford.......hmmmm?

    Naw! I'm afraid we'll have to look elsewhere, for a replacement for Chief Inspector Clouseau.

    Wow, just look at you with all of those pretty girl's hands all over you! Can't say I blame them. You were so doggone cute, how could they resist?

    Melissa XX

  2. I admit to being cute and worth chasing in the 1970s, especially after 1975 when I got my first car and didn't have to borrow Dad's all the time!

    Trouble was, I hadn't sorted out that 'relationship thing' and although I got female attention I couldn't handle it properly, partly because I hadn't sorted out that 'sex thing' either, nor even the basic matters like who I was and what I was. I enjoyed people and many of the new situations I encountered, but underneath I was shy and afraid. My self-confidence was very, very brittle.

    It was a good thing that I had a responsible job that needed more and more time and focus. It built me up into a harder, sterner, more assertive person able to face confrontational situations. The job didn't use or develop any of my creative talents (really, there are some lurking deep inside!) although I acquired a little computer expertise on the way (case reports, management summaries, presentations and in-house training material) - useful!

    Still, had I gone to Art School instead of following my father's wishes, what might have been the outcome? I often wonder...


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