Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I'm a step grandperson again

A--- my step-daughter, who is married, aged 39, and lives now in New Zealand, has just given birth to a daughter! She now has two children, a boy aged almost 2, and this little girl. She has a great husband, a nice home, two children, her natural father and his wife live not far away, her mother will be emigrating to NZ and joining her asap, and whatever the ups and downs of the fragile NZ economy, it's a sunny place to be. She now has everything essential. I so want them all to be happy always.

I haven't any right to claim some kind of grandpersonhood. What, long divorced from her mother and now transitioning? I don't think so, but we'll see.

One day I'd like to see A--- and her family again, not as visitors to the UK but on their home territory in NZ. Well, my new passport, when I get it, will be valid for ten years ahead. Ought to make it out there during its currency.

Oh, by the way, I've applied for the Deed Poll document online, and will be signing as soon as it is delivered (subject only to getting hold of a witness). No messing around.


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  2. Yay! Good news, Lucy.

    ps, I deleted the first comment as it would have been confusing. I was logged into my old email/blogging account when I read it, so that name came up..!!

  3. What, 'Poacher'? Intriguing!

    I've slightly amended my original posting, as it was finished off in a hurry.

    It's extemely pleasant to relate very good news about someone who is closeto me but not connected with the trans world. A---'s a bit off-stage, being so far away. I can't help feeling very happy for her.

  4. Congratulations Lucy, and good luck with planning your trip to NZ.

    I know two people who have used online Deed Poll services and they work prefectly. I plan to do it myself before too long though, because I'm married, I'll have to be Angela Davis; sex, male.

  5. @Angie:
    Yes, it's absurd that married people who want to stay married don't qualify for a gender Recognition Certificate under the present state of the law (and when it will be revisited by Parliament is anybody's guess - no time soon, probably) and must remain officially 'male'.

    You'll easily see from my Flickr site that I spent a long time in NZ during 2007, so there's no urgency about going again. I would however like to see the children before they get too ancient - sometime in the next two or three years would be fine. Assuming I can afford the trip: although M--- and I toured everywhere, we ran out of time to see absolutely everything. I'd want to cover those things, and that would mean serious expense!

  6. Congratulations Lucy
    I am so pleased for you.

  7. Congratulations, Lucy!

    Melissa XX

  8. Thanks, everyone! The stars of the show are however Adrienne and her new baby, not me. I'm just glad that after two deaths in my immediate family this year, there is now a young new person to balance things up.



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