Thursday, 1 October 2009

Deja vu

Same person, same pose, same month, but the top one is 1971 and the bottom one was today. 38 years apart. Have to say I don't look overburdened by cares in the 1971 photo, but I couldn't see the dark days that lay in the future. Just as well.

I do wonder whether those 38 years were well spent, wisely used, or whether I simply trod water, marked time, until the real business of my life could begin. The bottom photo suggests that the real business is now well in hand, wouldn't you say, despite the unkempt appearance. (I'd been tidying up the garden, and was waiting for the mower man to appear, so that I could pay him before having a shower and washing my hair)


  1. I espcially like those last two, Lucy......

    I dare not post mine publically... :(


  2. Well, I'm not quite sure what motivated this little photo disclosure. I think I'm going through a phase, long after other people have been asking, of asking WHY and WHEN DID I KNOW. Not sure if I'm really going to get answers from casual snaps, though. But it's nice to see both the changes and the things that haven't changed. I'm not worried about becoming unrecognisable - that could be a good thing! - but I think SOME visible continuity would be nice. And I've long decided that my personal history matters and must not be denied.

    I'm aware why you yourself can't possibly be so 'public', and why there's nothing you can do about that. I'm 'lucky' to be able to 'come out' so much.

  3. Can you pin point the precise time, when you first realized for sure that you were transsexual? I always knew I was different, and when still in highschool suspected I might be transsexual, when I first heard about Christine Jorgensen ( in the early sixties, but I wasn't absolutely sure until years later, after some alternative gender experimentation in the late seventies. Those little outings broke my heart, because not only did they confirm my suspicions, but they also made me painfully aware of how impossible it would be for me to transition, considering my resources, employment, and social circumstances.

    Melissa XX


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