Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Cruise - a possible solution to the formal evening dress problem

As you already know from a previous posting, the vexing problem of What To Wear on the cruise is acute on the two or three especially 'formal' nights. But I really don't feel physically ready for a cocktail dress, even if I could get over the relatively minor issue of my old male name appearing on the passenger list. And yet I would feel SO unhappy dressed up as a man. Some friends have expressed concern at the possible psychological consequences. I'm not sure I would suffer that much; but having to don a conventional and stifling men's outfit could spoil the entire cruise for me. And that rather defeats the point of going at all.

Although I'd like to keep to the spirit of my undertaking to Dad before he died, I'm sure he wouldn't want me to be deeply upset over something like this.

Another point: I really ought not to compromise the start of my Real Life Experience with a total reversion to male garb, whatever the onboard etiquette.

So I'm thinking it will be male garb, but not as we know it, Jim. Everything that I feel I 'must' wear on formal nights will acquire female elements. In 1928, Marlene Dietrich attended a Berlin ball in men's evening dress, famously caught by Eisenstaedt and reproduced above. Aha! I see a solution to the must-do-it-in-menswear problem! Get the picture? The male DJ can have its outing, but will be a little modified, Darlink. What else am I to do? I can't help it.

On less formal nights I can wear one or other of my trouser suits. And daytime it can be unfettered Lucy - well, Lucy in jeans.


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