Thursday, 15 October 2009

Be kind to yourself

It's hard to resist documenting your transition. You may not have the courage to look back at how you were BEFORE transition began, but once started you surely want to check your appearance of six months ago, or six months before that, and hope to see BIG changes in the right direction! So photos are very handy for that. But do yourself a favour. Don't use a 25 megapixel SLR camera with incredible resolution. It will reveal every defect in your makeup, every bristle that hasn't been lasered, and show up which is your hair, and which is the wig.

Use a little pocket camera. It will have a small sensor (the chip on which the lens focuses the incoming image) and it will mush the very fine detail. That sounds like a bad thing, and so it would be for flawlessly beautiful and perfectly made-up ladies on the cover of Vogue, but for you it'll be a kindness. The lines and pores and pock marks that the concealer can't cope with will be smoothed away, and a fairy-tale version of yourself will emerge.

Proof: regardez the pictures above, mes amies. They are crops (small sections) of larger pictures taken with the little Leica. There's still a lot of detail there, and the colours are OK. But the hag-like face of yours truly has been wonderfully smoothed out. I think I may be wearing some light makeup, but believe me it isn't having a huge effect - the camera is doing most of the work. I now look much more like Cinderella than an Ugly Sister.

Might go to the ball if any passing prince plays their cards right. Might stay in. Don't care.

PS Another point: you'll notice how the pictures have a sort of 'painted' look, as if I drew the detail in sharp outline, then filled it in with a fine paintbrush. Some like that effect, some don't. I do.


  1. Big smile here, Lucy! At 61, I know just how true what you are saying is. All of the pictures I have posted of myself, have been taken with my computer cam. Hardly a high a def arrangement! That is why I have to take compliments on my appearance, with a gain of salt. No one has seen my acne scars, wrinkles, and fine lines, and I dare not allow myself to be photographed without makeup, for fear of scaring small children, not to mention the horses!

    Melissa XX

  2. All told the camera can be a harsh critic, strong lights and photoshop can help. :)


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