Thursday, 1 October 2009

Autumn colours

Enough of all this self-analysis and introspection! How about some lovely autumn colours to delight the eye with? I went for a walk on the South Downs between Amberley and Storrington this afternoon and spotted these leaves, lit up by the sun at the end of the afternoon. Aren't they a treat?

Actually this was a rather lonely stretch of the South Downs Way, and I saw only two people during the best part of two hours. One was a fit-looking man with a dog, several hundred yards ahead of me and walking away from me thank goodness, although - worryingly - he did linger by the side of the path for two or three minutes. Doing what? Admiring the view? I nervously put the camera away and made sure I was holding my stick correctly, so that I could lunge at his vitals if need be. Fortunately he moved on again before I got close, and I was not forced to defend my virtue. The other person was a young lady with two black dogs, who was coming towards me. She was friendly and smiling, and we exchanged a quick word about when it might get dark. I'm not sure whether she twigged that I was trans. I was using my Lucy voice.

When I got back to the car, I noticed that a youngish guy who was parked there when I arrived, and just sat in his car, was still there, sitting in his car and giving me the eye. An adolescent with sex on his mind? Who knows. But as soon as I closed the car door I locked it.

Funny how you can feel like a potential victim in these places. I mean, it's most unlikely that any harm will befall you, but you can feel fear all the same. There's nowhere to run and hide on the South Downs Way.

And yet it's so nice to be out of doors and high up, with the sun and the wind on your face!


  1. The potential victim thing, something I recognise myself - even yesterday I had such an incident, broad day light, town centre minor road, youth (or is that yoof?) writing graffiti on the wall, caught each others eye, was he following me? Who knows. I was pleased to lock the car door.

  2. I can be subject to the same feeling particully when i'm not presenting as a guy. I guess the best way is to trust your instinct and be prepared.
    It would be terrible if we're all paralysed by fear.
    Lucy x


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