Saturday, 17 October 2009

Any sign of the duck, Fawlty?

Last Wednesday I drove over to see Debbie K and pick up the artworks I bought at the end of August at the exhibition, which she had been kindly looking after for me. Altogether there were six items: two cheetah paintings (one of which was Debbie's cheetah cub picture); a drawing of two zebras; two figurines of hares; and a carved wooden mallard duck, painted and life-sized. Too many items to illustrate in one posting. I asked them all who wanted to be written up first. The cheetahs said no, they had to go and hunt. The zebras galloped off, spooked by the scent of the cheetahs. The hares ran to and fro and boxed: they're mad. The duck quacked her head off to attract my attention. So the duck had her way. Duck's on.

This is a work by a lady called Maggie Port, and I think you will agree that it's been very skilfully executed. The duck's VERY lifelike! Uncanny. I don't as a rule stipulate that an artwork should be true to life down to every last detail, but one of the fascinations with this piece is the extraordinarily good rendition, down to individual feather barbs. She'd fool a real drake, no question!


  1. You know I went round this exhibition too looking at things, and saying to Debbie, "That's lovely. How much is that?! And she said to practically everything I liked "I'm afraid Lucy has bought that!".

    Amongst these things was this lovely duck. He really is a beauty :-)

  2. Sorry, Josephine! But I don't ever 'think about' things. I leap in and do, in this case clean the place out of everything affordable! I saw many people eyeing that duck, and had to murder or maim half of Hampshire in order to secure her. But had we been rivals, I'd have asked Debbie to adjudicate. Or even the artist, Ms Port. I'm really very, very reasonable!


  3. There was a very fine bat there too ;-) I nearly bought him...bit managed to contain myself.

  4. I am so pleased you both enjoyed the exhibition. It was an absolute joy to spend some time with you both, in one of my most favourite of places. My natural habitat, my batty, completely quackers world.
    A world thats all the richer for having you both part of it.

    (((((((Endless hugs)))))))
    Debbie x


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