Monday, 28 September 2009

We are the Champions! We are the Champions!

I actually quite like ironing, and I had a small mountain of it to get through today. No worries! I simply popped in the earphones, fired up the Nokia phone, and selected my 'Exciting stuff' playlist. As you can see, the music really got me moving. Queen, the Rolling Stones, and a host of other bands. During this I laid down an amazing virtuoso air guitar solo, which was luckily caught on camera. Pity there was only Teddy Tinkoes to hear it.

Should ironing be so much fun? Should I enjoy any fun at all, given my recent personal history and my precarious position on the fringe of society? What if a Sun reporter seeking another tranny story runs a search on Google and discovers this blog?

In the wise words of George W Bush, bring it on! We are the champions, my friend, and we'll keep on fighting to the end.

Maybe I should do a video of my air guitar solo for YouTube?


  1. Nice to see you having, fun, cariad!!

    Good job the phone didn't ring while you were that distracted...


  2. Hi Lucy

    "the wise words of George W Bush"

    Now there's a statement you never ever expect to see!

    Its great to see you enjoying yourself.

    I think your ready for that cruise now.

    Take Care
    Debbie x

  3. Hilarious! I love your sense of humor. My kind of girl!


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