Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Time for a wardrobe purge!

'Bridge here. Captain Kirk speaking. What's the matter, Scottie?'
'It's the wardrobes, sirrr. We'll have to ease up. They canna take much more.'

There was nothing for it but to finally throw out most of my old fusty oversized heavyweight drab male clobber. Did it this morning. Good riddance.

I kept the still-pristine stuff bought for the cruise last April, on the basis that it just might fit me for the cruise in November. The rest has been bagged and taken to the charity shop. The photo shows it all just before the deed was done. (I didn't bag the little teddy bear wearing Southampton FC colours. That's Teddy Tinkoes, my lifelong friend)

The delicate dreamy beautiful filmy floating on air female garments can now breathe.


  1. I am now in the same starship.

    I have too many clothes and not enough wardrobe and drawer space.

    I'm not going to get rid of stuff, asd I like what I have. well, most of it.

    I think I shall get one of those rack things.... It's only temporary anyway, until I find a place of my own.


  2. I came to resent my male clothes. They were heavy and unstylish and uncolourful and from an era when I had to present a masculine image. I was always interested in what I wore, but there was so little I could do to push the boundaries without arousing comment. People liked me as I was, and would not brook change. And it felt as if I had lost control over what I could look like.

    Now that I was wearing clothes that reflected the real me, I could not see how I could possibly ever want to put those old things on again. They were a waste of space. And - surely a rational argument if one were needed - the old stuff didn't fit any more. So why keep it?

    In fact there WAS the odd item that was girly enough to retain, even if it did button up the wrong way. And there was a vast blue cotton jacket which looked surprisingly trendy when I turned up the sleeves and collar, transforming it into a coat. So I kept those things. But I was unsentimental about the rest, especially the shoes, which seemed clumsy and oversize, like a clown would wear. Ugh.

  3. Hated obviously male clothing from an early age. my mother tried to make me wear a checked sports jacket and could not understand why I literally froze with fear. It was cross dressing and I did not like it! Thank goodness for the 60's and unisex styles. where have they gone?

    Caroline X

  4. I hate men's clothes too. Not just for the way they look on me, but for the way they feel. I just think they are uncomfortable, especially the pants. I'm short waisted, with an ample bottom, and most men's pants don't have enough rise, or room in the seat to fit me comfortably. Even when in boy mode, I often wear women's pants and jeans. I have several pair of these, and love the way they fit:

    Can't wear the low slung jeans the young girls wear though. Never could, even when they were popular when I was young.

    Melissa XX


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