Sunday, 13 September 2009

Saturday Night out in the pubs of Brighton

I hope that Mr Challacombe, aka Chaz, the headmaster at my grammar school in Southampton in the 1960s doesn't see these shots from heaven, because that's my old school tie. He'd cane me on the spot. One of the pubs was having a 'Back to Skool' theme, and so I was forced to dress and behave like a little horror in one of the St Trinian's films.

It's all in the name of the Real Life Experience. I HAVE to do all this, to prove that I get out and mingle as Lucy. Believe me, I'd MUCH rather stay indoors and peel potatoes.


  1. It's kind of absurd that at your age, they are requiring you to document the fact that you are out and about as Lucy. You would think that by the time you pass fifty, they would realize you are not doing this on a lark.

    Anyway....nice pictures! Love the look on the girl's face behind your right shoulder. It appears you may have been the highlight of her evening! I genuinely admire your courage! I especially enjoyed your picks of Italy and Spain.

    Melissa XX

  2. Thank you, Melissa. I was slightly tongue-in-cheek about 'having' to cavort about town dressed like this and needing to document it - but only slightly. One of my friends keeps a day-by-day list of things she does on her laptop to show how she 'lives' as a woman.

    Incidentally the young person in the bottom photo is in fact a trans man, though only 18 years old, hence the teenage looks. The age range among my Clare Project friends is pretty wide. I'm thankfully not (quite) the oldest!

    I appreciate the kind words about my April cruise shots.



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