Monday, 28 September 2009

Heavy metal

That's me on Frensham Common in Surrey yesterday, toting my Nikon camera, and I think you can get an idea of its size and possible weight, bearing in mind that this is a professional-standard piece of kit, as is the lens. I was very happy with the pictures, but I had back ache by the time I'd walked all round Little Pond (actually a fair-sized lake). I was conducting a Nikon v Leica test, and the little Leica took this shot of me, using the self-timer. The Nikon did best in the test from the resolution and tonality points of view, though I see how the Leica could have been tweaked to come closer.

The point is, I can carry the Leica all day long, and do, and it doesn't give me back ache. When I was built like the Incredible Hulk I could cope with heavy metal, but nowadays my puny girly muscles can't manage the same burden. A penalty of transition, I suppose. Obviously I need a sherpa or slave to take the strain.

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