Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Autumn fashions!

Look, here's Lucy Melford modelling something from her Autumn Collection. Informed sources whisper that she may wear this when she sees her Wimpole Street specialist next Monday. Lucky man. Lucky London!

Next, Lucy in a slinky little number, perfect for her November cruise in the sunny Atlantic. Ahoy there, maties!

(Watch by TAG Heuer. Silver bracelet and ring by Hi Ho Silver. Hair by Trevor Sorbie - though Lucy confides that she's overdue for another cut)

PIERS MORGAN: Lucy, you must be rushed off your feet keeping up with all this fashion.
LUCY: Actually, yes! I've absolutely no time for interviews, even with you, Piers.
PIERS: But can I put it to you that fame and success on the catwalk has always been your dream?
LUCY: Actually, yes! I'm having an absolutely fabulous time. All these lovely clothes!
PIERS: And do you see yourself as wannabe celebrity, even though, let's be frank, you have no talent whatever?
LUCY: Actually, yes! But I'm really very serious-minded, you know, and always choose my shoes with care.
PIERS: Where do you think you'll end up?
LUCY: Actually, I haven't a clue. On TV I suppose! Perhaps on Loose Women or The X Factor, who knows, I'm open to offers! I'd love to be a weather girl.
PIERS: Well, good luck. Finally, just to wrap this up, can you ever see yourself as the first transsexual prime minister?
LUCY: Actually, I think I'd rather be the next Bond girl, Piers! It would be so exciting! Or do a shoot for Vogue! YES!


  1. Very smart, Lucy.

    Have fun in London!!


  2. Looking good, Lucy!

    Nice interview. I like the Bond girl idea!

    Calie xx

  3. I'm sure that scene with Daniel Craig is only months away :)
    Lucy x


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