Saturday, 22 August 2009

A visit to the Nuffield Hospital at Brighton

Amazing how opportunities arise. I didn't even know exactly where the Nuffield Hospital was. This is the place wherein the renowned surgeon Phil Thomas doth dwell. If matters go so far as the Op, then this is the man who will be on my personal shortlist. I didn't expect to encounter him on any casual visit, but I was mightily interested to see the hospital itself.

So how did this come about? Well, I was attending my usual Tuesday afternoon social at the Clare Project drop-in at Brighton, which I never miss if I can get there. If you are trans, and in Brighton, do look in. It's at the Methodist Church in Dorset Gardens, and all details are on the web. You get a warm welcome, tea, coffee, biscuits, friendly company, as much chat as you wish, information on what's going on, nice modern loos to use or change in, and of course peace and quiet if you need it. A safe haven.

Last Tuesday we had two visitors, P--- from Stoke-on-Trent, staying in Brighton on holiday; and L--- from Kilmarnock, with a appointment two hours ahead with Phil Thomas at the Nuffield. We (that is, myself and some friends) immediately proposed an early evening Italian meal with our guests, which we duly had, and then I drove L--- to the hospital, discovering that it was at Woodingdean. And what a nice modern place it was. The reception staff seemed very pleasant. Free parking. And only a few miles away from home. Hmmm!

Afterwards I went back into into town, parked again on the seafront, and trotted over to the Marine Tavern, which has lately become a favourite Tuesday night venue, partly because of of the Quiz that begins at 9pm. There, you have a snapshot of one day in my week.

P--- and L--- were very nice people. Unfortunately we didn't swap contact details, so I suppose we'll never be able to meet up again unless they happen to drop in at the Clare Project, or see this blog and send an email to me. If ever I go up to Glasgow (and L--- recommended it) I'd rather like to call by. (P--- and L---, please take note if you're reading!)

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  1. Hi Lucy
    Who knows what our future may bring?
    The Clare project seem a lovely group. It is so important to have a haven full of friends.
    Take care
    Debbie x


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