Thursday, 6 August 2009

My Mum's birthday tomorrow

Or it would have been. She'd have reached the age of 88. The pictures above show her as I like to remember her: a vigorous, lively, loyal woman who was fiercely proud and protective of her two sons, and her husband most of all.

But she couldn't cope with the real nature of her elder son. She died before we had a dialogue about my gender problems. Perhaps we would never have had one. Dad thought she would never have accepted me as a daughter instead of a son. He was actually rather glad I didn't get the opportunity to speak to Mum properly about it. Whatever the rights and wrongs here, I feel huge sadness that this and other things were never discussed between us. But that doesn't affect my affection for Mum, nor my memory of many nice things.

I wrote much about her death back in February (see the blog postings then). There's nothing I need to add now.

Her ashes are mingled with Dad's in the rockery at the bottom of the garden. I shall sit there tomorrow and remember her.

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  1. Dear Lucy
    Oh my dear friend what an emotional day for you.My thoughts & prayers are with you.
    God bless your dear Mum on her birthday.
    I hope you have many happy memories.

    Mums have amazing intuition. Although you may not have verabally shared your inner most secret with her it is quite possible she already knew but chose not to say anything. I truly believe your beloved parents are looking down on you from heaven, proud of the kind compasionate person you have grown up to be.
    Take care


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