Sunday, 16 August 2009

My Favourite Meals - TV dinners

Another potential series?

I love food, and nearly always take photos of any meal eaten at a pub or restaurant, because I want to capture the attractiveness of this course or that. I take a real sensual delight in well-presented, delicious food. What a greedy piggy, you might well say! Well, I don't do sex, or drugs, I'm a light drinker, I don't smoke, don't gamble, and I'm not hooked on adrenalin rushes, and so WHY NOT go for FOOD as my vice of choice? It's not just about filling my face. I appreciate nice places with character, and enjoyable service that makes me feel special. Meals are events.

But this picture is not of some amazing thing I swooned over at a posh nosh parlour. It's a bog-standard stir-fry I threw together the other night at home. So it's on my knees, on a tray, and that's my lounge, and that's Phil and Kirsty on the box. A TV dinner!

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