Saturday, 8 August 2009

Buying some art

As part of my slow but steady plan to redecorate my parents' house to reflect my own tastes, I bought three pieces of artwork while on holiday. They are shown above.

Top is a painting called 'A Field of Dreams' by Jo Pryor, an artist who works in Great Torrington in North Devon. She has her own website ( She is well-known for her depictions of strangely-proportioned ladies in flowing garments. I saw this painting at an exhibition at the Burton Art Gallery in Bideford, and had no hestitation in buying it before anyone else did. Everything about it appeals: the colour, the overlapping shapes, the grouping of the ladies' heads, the almost hypnotic intricacy of the patterns on their gowns and in the background. I'll have to get a couple more of hers to keep this one company.

Next is a glass disc entitled 'Catching Bubbles' by Loraine Smith, which I bought at 14 The Gallery, an artists' co-operative in the Great Torrington Pannier Market. It reminds me not so much of bubbles but pools in the sand, left after the tide has receded.

Last is a hefty 'Pebble' vase from the Dartington Crystal glassworks at Great Torrington. Is this art? I would say so. It's certainly a beautiful piece, with severe simplicity of form.

These pieces together hint at the kind of surroundings I eventually intend to establish at home. But it will take a long while!

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  1. Hi Lucy
    You have very good taste. I like the Jo Pryor paintings. She has a very distinctive style.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us.
    Take care


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