Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lucy in Welling

This is me after my first laser treatment at the Bellegrove Clinic in Welling, Kent. The face hasn't been scorched - it's just Aloe Vera gel drying off. I was now going to drive off along the A2 to visit my cousin R---. And of course I had the little camera handy to record the scene!

Starting the hair-removal process was quite a landmark event. The start of a long and expensive commitment. Was it uncomfortable? You bet it was. Was it unbearable? No. Was it satisfying? Absolutely.


  1. My initial attempt was unbearable, Lucy.

    But then I have a beard that Desperate Dan would consider OTT.

    The strong, thick and dense growth caused such high levels of heat when zapped, that it was like having my face arc-welded.

    The only good side was that the high levels of heat generated do seem to have permanently killed the folicles. There's been no regrowth at all in those areas that were zapped, even after three months.

    I'm moving on to IPL next month. Less pain, I'm assured.


  2. Sorry to learn that it was so awful for you, Chrissie. I used to be fair-haired, and my darkest hairs are brown, and not especially dense on the face, so I suppose these accidents of nature have spared me too much pain. It was still something of an ordeal, though. I wouldn't have stood up well to interrogation by the Gestapo ('Talk, or ve vill give you laser treatment vithout ze cooling gel!'). No way should anyone dismiss trans people undergoing transition as flippant pleasure-seeking hedonists! Ironic that we pay for all this fun. But then, think of the prize at the end.

  3. Hi Lucy
    I am so pleased you enjoyed your first session. I found this another cathartic experience. The high of doing something so positive to address my dysphoria after being so long in stasis was very spiritual. I found it was followed by a low a few weeks later which was just a blip. IPL works best if you have dark pigmented hair for which may mean if you have any non pigmented hair you might have to consider electrolysis later on. It is so nice to remove that beard shadow. Taking a pain relief over the counter headache tablet might also ease discomfort. Emla cream may help reduce your discomfort or even injections for longer periods if they offer them where you have your treatment. I hope life is being kind to you.
    Take care

  4. Thank you, Debbie! I'm eager to get any tips I can. Lucy


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