Thursday, 23 July 2009

An experiment

This isn't a proper posting. I think I've discovered how to make posts on my mobile phone, using Opera Mini. Let's see if this shows up on my blog.

By the way, I'm ensconced in the plum spot of a Camping & Caravanning Club Certificated Site - that's a field - with my diddy caravan and 4x4. It's warm, very sunny, blue sky, fluffy clouds, panoramic view. Just had lunch, going into Salisbury soon for some shopping. M--- sent me a nice message this morning. Got the entire place to myself, very peaceful. If I don't go shopping, but just turn up at some pub tonight for a meal, I could sort of lie here in a dreamy daze for hours on end. That's caravanning.


  1. Hurrah! It worked! I'll try it with a photo next time.

  2. Yep, seems to work fine...

    Clever Lucy!




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