Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The new specs

Well, two VERY positive comments about my new specs in reply to my last posting (thank you, Lucy and Chrissie, you gorgeous creatures) and now uniformly good reactions from people I've spoken to in Brighton today. That's my hair stylist at Trevor Sorbie, bless her, and friends at the Clare Project. And yes, the specs must look girly enough: I was accosted by a man walking down from the station towards the town centre with 'Excuse me, madam, can you tell me where the Clock Tower is?' (For those who don't know Brighton, the ornate Clock Tower is at an important road junction in the middle of town) He wasn't being sarcastic, he was absolutely serious. I hadn't been addressed in this manner before, so either the hair or the new specs had to be responsible. Maybe they acted together. The man was very nearly where he wanted to be, so I just pointed, then walked on with a grin I couldn't suppress. It made up for an earlier episode in the car park, when I was approached by a slimeball who said, 'Do you want your car washed, mate?' No way, if you call me 'mate' when I'm dressed up.

I went into a shop called Mimco and spent 25 minutes selecting a new purse in white leather and stainless steel. The shop asistant was a lovely girl, and we talked at huge length about the stock and bags in general. Clearly a shared enthusiasm. This purse is something special, a real eye catcher, and I'll post a picture of it on Flickr soon.

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