Monday, 8 June 2009

And here is the one favoured by the gods

Favoured in the sense that I have been allowed to live on, with a house and cash thrown in. Lucky me. Let's not forget the fractured relationship with my partner, and, at least for now, my estrangement from many people I love and respect. Still, time may heal and reconcile. And changes will happen willy nilly. None of us can stand still, and nothing stays the same forever.

Incidentally the picture is me in my new specs, taken just a couple of days ago. Not quite sure whether I like them. They were chosen when Dad was still alive, and I had to consider my appearance carefully. They had to look OK with male garb. I suppose that if I were running a business in my female life, and had to impress Sir Alan Sugar, they'd look sharp. But as Dad's gone, and as I don't need to impress anybody, they're not quite right. I don't think they're girly enough, though I'm not quite sure how I would alter them. Maybe something vaguely pink and oval?


  1. They look girly enough to me and totally suit.

    It sounds an easy piece of cookie cutter wisdom to say times a great healer but it is true a lot of the time. Wishing its not too long for you.

  2. That's pretty much the shape I chose last month, Lucy. They look fine and suit your face, and look delicate and feminine too.

    Time does heal.... but remember, you have to let it, cariad.


  3. Looking good hon :-)

    Hoping the days are getting better as you get through things.


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