Thursday, 28 May 2009

Three days after

Well, I have been Miss Super-efficient and have done all the most vital things to get poor Dad decently sent off.

The coroner is now satisfied, I have the death certificate, the funeral is arranged, the flowers are arranged, I've discussed the order of ceremony with the Humanist who will officiate, the catering decisions are taken, and I've spoken to the chap who does his garden, to keep things going there. I haven't yet managed to ask his cleaning lady to do one last clean, but there's still time.

The closest relatives have been informed, I've spoken to Dad's neighbours, but I still have to get in touch with his old friends. Again, there's still time.

When Mum died earlier this year, Dad and I shared the work. He did the phoning and typed the letters for my signature. I ran around in the car and saw whoever needed to be seen. Much more for me to do personally this time, and fewer days to do it in. Never mind.

After the funeral, there are many letters to be written and I must get Probate. I'll be ready for another holiday soon!

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  1. Dear Lucy
    I am so very sorry to see your sad news. My heart goes out to you. You are in my thoughts & prayers at this most difficult time.


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